Dr. med. Karl D. Poetzsch


Dr. Poetzsch has been working as an ophthalmologist in our center since 2005. He completed his medical studies at the Free University in Berlin and until 2005 had his own day clinic in Germany.

Range of services:

  • General ophthalmology including emergency care.
  • Special consultation including operations:
    • Refractive surgery (“vision without glasses”) Laser surgery, multifocal intraocular lenses (specialist Dr. Pötzsch, one of the world’s most experienced surgeons implanted these lenses since 1991!)
    • Age-related macular degeneration (AMD) with state-of-the-art SOCT and differentiated photo diagnostics; if necessary with intravitreal injection therapy)
    • Glaucoma consultation (“Green Star”): diagnostics and drug adjustment and follow-up
      low pressure surgeries
    • Cataract consultation: Diagnosis of lens opacities with serious Surgery consultation and possibly optimal planning and implementation of the operation
    • Retinal consultation: exact retinal diagnostics and documentation, if necessary with laser therapy and or surgery of retinal detachment
    • Eyelid surgery: cosmetic and functional surgery of the upper and lower eyelids

The entire ophthalmological diagnosis is carried out in our rooms in the international specialist center.

Through collaboration with leading eye clinics in Palma de Mallorca, all operations are performed according to European or German quality and hygiene standards.
Through this cooperation, we are also in the assessment of surgical necessity in a position to recommend without economic pressure in the sense and for the benefit of the patient.


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