Dr. med. Karin Rittweiler


The specialist in paediatrics and adolescent medicine practices a holistic medicine and sees the human being as a unity of body, soul and spirit. In their treatments, conventional medicine is always based on their latest scientific findings and is combined with alternative healing methods. It is this supplement that makes it possible to heal gently and often with no side effects.

Her treatment spectrum includes:

  • Acute and emergency treatments of all diseases of pediatrics and adolescent medicine
  • Chronic conditions, e.g. Atopic dermatitis, bronchial asthma, allergies, susceptibility to infections, abdominal and headaches, sleep disorders, anxiety, nocturnal wetting, attention deficit / hyperactivity disorders (ADHD), etc.
  • Check-ups according to German and international standards
  • Vaccinations according to current knowledge of the STIKO (permanent vaccination commission) as well
    individual vaccination advice (vaccination pro and contra) with possibly modified vaccination
  • Ultrasound diagnostics, laboratory analysis
  • Naturopathic procedures such as
    • Homeopathy, Bach flower therapy, phytotherapy, microbiological immunotherapy, therapy with Schüssler salts and essential oils


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