Dr. med. Johannes Gessner


The otorhinolaryngologist takes care of all aspects of otolaryngology and facial surgery including Botox injections, wrinkle injections and lip contouring.


His range of services:

  • Acute inflammation of the ears or infections of the airways
  • Endoscopy of the upper airways, nose, paranasal sinuses, larynx and middle ear
  • Hearing tests
  • Dizziness diagnostics including examination of all semicircular canals through the video head impulse test (vKIT)
    • Benign bearing vertigo
    • Meniere’s disease
    • Vestibulopathy
  • Voice and speech disorders in children and adults
  • Odor and taste disorders
  • Allergology:
    • Allergy tests
    • Vaccination treatment for hay fever, etc.
    • Hyposensibilisation
  • Snoring and snoring disease (sleep apnea syndrome)
  • Diving medical fitness examinations
  • Hearing aid supply together with Hearing Aid Master
  • Health advice
  • Wrinkle treatment:
    • BOTOX injections
    • Wrinkle injections with hyaluronic acid
    • Lip contouring

Surgical procedures are performed in outpatient and inpatient care in the “Clinica Juaneda” in Palma de Mallorca.


Surgical treatments:

  • of the external auditory canal and the middle ear
  • the nose and sinuses;  A reduction of the nasal concha using radio frequency technique under local anesthesia takes place in practice.
  • the oral cavity
  • of the pharynx and larynx
  • Snoring disease and sleep-disordered breathing

Aesthetic facial surgery:

  • Correction of torn earlobes
  • Scar revision
  • Creation of protruding ears
  • Correction of the external nose
  • Upper and lower lid plastic


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