Dr. med. Jens Löhnert


Our dermatologist and allergist Dr. Jens D. Löhnert masters the entire field of dermatology, venereology and allergology. Here you will find a dedicated clinician who, through his many years of experience, finds the best individual dermatological therapy for the benefit of the patient.

The following examinations and treatments are carried out in his practice:

  • Dermatoscopic and video-microscopic examination of all pigmented spots
  • Computer-assisted skin cancer screening with photo documentation (skin cancer check-up)
  • Laser treatments for the removal of skin lesions as well as aesthetic-dermatological laser therapy
  • Allergy tests (prick tests, epicutane tests) and therapy of allergies (hay fever, contact allergies, food allergies)
  • Dermatosurgical procedures for the removal of e.g. Skin cancer or skin cancer precursors
  • Microscopic tissue analysis in cooperation with experienced dermatohistopathologists
  • Clarification and treatment of all fungal diseases
  • Diagnosis and therapy of venereal diseases
  • Application of biologics and immunomodulators e.g. in psoriasis or skin tumors according to the latest scientific findings

Aesthetic dermatology:

  • Soft peeling with alpha hydroxy acids to smooth the skin and reduce so-called age spots
  • Ablative laser treatments to remove cosmetically disturbing lesions such as warts, blood sponges, poultice bags, etc.
  • Botox treatments for hyperhidrosis (increased sweating) and mimic wrinkles (frown lines, thinker folds)
  • Wrinkle injection with natural fillers
  • Treatment of dilated blood vessels (spider veins, telangiectasias)


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