Dr. med. Andreas Dietz

Internal Medicine

German internist, appointed professor at the University of Seville in 2006, active in Mallorca since 2014, and offers the following research spectrum:

  • Cardiac ultrasound, stress echo, all long-term examinations, stress ECG
  • Abdominal ultrasound, video capsule endoscopy, pH-metry, Gastro- and Colonoscopy incl. Polyp removal
  • Examinations of carotids, veins and leg arteries
  • Metabolic studies including hormones (except female sex hormones), thyroid function check including ultrasound
  • Lifestyle Medicine and Consulting
  • Anti-Aging
  • Preventive checkups


Our internist carries out diagnostics and therapy of diseases in the entire field of internal medicine. Amongst other things:

  • Cardiovascular diseases, circulatory disorders
  • Diseases of the gastrointestinal tract
  • Tumor diseases incl. follow-up examinations
  • Chemotherapies, also in cooperation with European tumor centers
  • Metabolic disorders (including diabetes, lipid metabolism disorders)
  • Pulmonary and bronchial diseases
  • Rheumatology, inflammatory and degenerative joint diseases
  • Hormonal dysfunction, also hormone deficiency symptoms in the Meno-/ Andropause
  • Thyroid disorders and dysfunctions
  • Diagnostics before planned surgery

In our center you are offered in the field of internal medicine:

  • All precautionary medical examinations
  • Complete, painless video endoscopy (stomach and colonoscopy) with state-of-the-art equipment
  • Non-contact capsule endoscopy of the small and large intestine
  • Endoscopic operations (polyp removal, hemostasis)
  • Long-term measurement of gastric acid production using a non-contact functional chip (24-hour pH monitoring)
  • Ultrasound examinations of the entire abdomen, the heart and the thyroid gland with several color Doppler computer sonographers
  • Doppler and color Doppler examinations of arteries and veins to exclude or detect circulatory disorders or thromboses
  • Cardiological diagnostics including exercise examinations, long-term ECG, long-term blood pressure measurements, color Doppler echocardiography
  • Complete internal X-ray including lungs, bones, spine, kidneys, gastrointestinal tract
  • Pulmonary function measurement including airway resistance measurement
  • Complete blood analysis (clinical chemistry, blood count and coagulation) in our own laboratory, entire special laboratory including hormone determinations
  • Determination of the biological age (Age-Scan) and all further investigations in the context of the so-called anti-aging medicine, hormone determinations, as well as individualized replacement therapies
  • All vaccinations, travel advice
  • Another focus is early detection and prevention.

As part of our special program “Medicine-Check-Mallorca” we offer the following examination programs:

  • so-called “manager check”
  • Sports medical performance test
  • Cardiovascular health check
  • Cancer screening check with endoscopic colorectal cancer screening or alternatively with video capsule endoscopy
  • Anti-aging tests with performance tests, hormone analyzes and appropriate treatment
  • Weight and metabolic analysis, weight reduction coaching


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