Stem cell therapy – option for many problems

Stem cell therapy – option for many problems

Regeneration of diseased tissue, does that work?

In the healing of diseased tissues, stem cells play a key role.
In stem cell transplantation, stem cells are isolated from the body’s own adipose tissue and transplanted to the desired location. These may develop locally into different cells if there is a corresponding environmental stimulus, e.g. in muscle or cartilage cells.
In addition, they can initiate regenerative processes by releasing messenger substances.

Stem cells have already proven to be effective, especially in the treatment of osteoarthritis, but in the regeneration of tendons and muscles, in chronic wounds, skin diseases and hair loss.

The treatment of systemic or neurodegenerative diseases with stem cells is also discussed, including M. Parkinson, Alzheimer, multiple sclerosis and rheumatic diseases.
In regenerative medicine, stem cells are also used as anti-aging treatment.

I will be happy to inform you without obligation about the possibilities of a stem cell therapy.

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