Videocapsule endoscopy – a journey into the SELF

Videocapsule endoscopy – a journey into the SELF
Many still remember the 1987 movie “The Journey into the Self,” which at that time represented the sheer impossible journey through the body in a miniature capsule, then dismissed as science fiction ….. and today? ……

Admittedly, even today no human being can be reduced in size to undertake the journey in this capsule itself; but we can swallow one capsule, which then represents the entire gastrointestinal tract, beginning with the oral cavity, over the esophagus, stomach, small and large intestine; the capsule has a high-resolution camera at the front and back, which takes over 200,000 images on the journey through the gastrointestinal tract, which are then transferred to a recorder.

The sequence


To ensure a “clear” view, of course, the intestine must be pre-cleaned, this is similar to a normal colonoscopy, nowadays very gentle, not as stressful as before …. the capsule, each patient completely new and as a disposable product receives, is simply swallowed like a tablet and is excreted after about 8-10 hours again, so does not have to be collected and returned, you just leave the recorder with the transferred images back to us, the resulting film is evaluated, and I told you about the result.

The biggest disadvantage of the capsule, however, is that in the case of a pathological result, e.g. a polyp in the large intestine, one must again perform a normal Videokoloskopie to ablate the polyp, but in most cases, this method is a very gentle method to examine as a precaution the gastrointestinal tract.

Nowadays, most private funds also cover the costs of such a capsule endoscopy, since this procedure represents an absolutely equivalent investigation to normal colocaloscopy nowadays, the quality of the images is absolutely convincing, depending on the prepurification of the intestine.

As an additional benefit of this study, the small intestine is also shown, which is indeed not fully recorded in normal gastro- and colonoscopy, only the beginning and end part is detected in the conservative mirroring; However, the significance alone for the stomach is classified as higher in a normal gastroscopy, so that in gastric disorders, a complete gastroscopy is sufficient.

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Yours Dr. med. Andreas Dietz

Internist at the International Specialist Center Palma Porto Pi